Our Team

Prof. Dilip Patel

(Director & Board of Advisor INALI FOUNDATION )

Professor Dilip Patel is a management expert with more than 30 years of experience. He has guided a lot of small and medium enterprises on organisational structure, leadership culture, and growth opportunities. He specialises in family business structures.

Dr. Veerendra Shandilya

(Director, Head of Orthotic & Prosthetic, INALI FOUNDATION )

Dr. Shandilya is the managing director and full-time consultant Orthotist and prosthetist at Rehabs, Vadodara, India. He received his Certificate for Orthotic & Prosthetic in the United States of America. He practices with the American Board of Certification (ABCPO) & Board of Certification in Prosthetics & Orthotics (BOCPO) with Ohio State license. He has practiced in Ohio & Texas in the United States of America. He was the Head of the Department of Orthotics and Prosthetics in various academic institutions. He is a visiting faculty and Honorary Consultant & Visiting Lecturer at P&O- Shree Krishna Hospital & P. S. Medical College and College of Physiotherapy, Karamsad, Visiting Lecturer Physiotherapy College, SSG Hospital & Medical College, Vadodara, Government of Gujarat, visiting lecturer-Physiotherapy College, Pioneer Institute, Visiting Lecturer at College of Physiotherapy.

Prashant Gade

(Director, R&D Head, INALI FOUNDATION)

An engineering dropout, Prashant found his calling when he met a 7-year-old girl without arms. His desire to help her made him enquire about the available prosthetic arms in the market. To his shock, they cost Rs 24,00,000. He realized that affordable health care is a major roadblock in the development of the nation. What he couldn't buy, he decided to make it on his own. Today he has created affordable cosmetic arms, Myo Arms and will soon launch India’s first bionic arms. Prashant is the founder of Inali Foundation and Inali Assistive Tech. He also heads the R&D department at Inali Assistive Tech.

Lakshita Shersia


Lakshita holds a bachelor degree in Prosthetic and orthotic and has been working in this field for two years with organisations like Jaipur Foot, Ottobock, Endolite

Arun Nair

(Designer & Developer )

Arun is a mechanical engineer by profession and looks after the CAD design and development at Inali.

Anurag Yadav


Anurag is responsible for the electronic system design and integration. He also helps build software tools to allow Inali foundation to connect with its patrons and people in need.

Mahima Sinha

(Project Manger)

Mahima is responsible for developing growth strategies and identifying opportunities to increase our reach and accessibility to patients. She is also responsible for auditing the financial documents and procedures.


A hand to hold, a hand to bless, a hand to work, a hand to create, a hand to be independent are one of the many things that we can think of when we hear the word hand. However, there is a significant population across the globe, who identify and relate to hands as something that is absent from their body. Even though with scientific and technological advancements.


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