“The Belief that we are define by our kindness and compassion towards others”

Inali App is based upon the idea of Ubuntu, which  means humanity towards others – it’s an African philosophy that permeates this country
where all of us live.
No-one has a choice but to fight and get involved because every one of us personally knows someone who
is hungry. There’s nothing more sobering than a close-up view of people suffering in our country. We
really need to pay attention because millions of people are on the brink of food insecurity. 

Inali App is an
initiative by Inali Foundation to create a platform where people can connect with each other and share
the right information which may save lives.

The spirit of ‘ubuntu’ is what we need to fight COVID-19

Our Mission

To  bring every single piece of information on one platform and reconnect the nation.


What Information Inali App share:

  • Kids Lost Parents due to Covid-19
  • Elderly who lost kids and are left alone
  • Pregnant ladies who lost husband and need support
  • People looking for meals
  • Plasma Donors
  • Medication
  • People who need shelter
  • Oxygen Suppliers
  • Bed Suppliers
  • Last Ritual supports

Inali App Walk-through

We need you

Inali App is calling makers, developers from across the globe and help us to make a difference. If you are a

maker, developer and want to get involved jump in the #InaliAppchallenge